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Circular Saw Blade Chamfering Machine for Eyan Machine Tools Co., Ltd

Circular Saw Blade Chamfering Machine for Eyan Machine Tools Co., Ltd


Circular Saw Blade Chamfering Machine (BW-650)

Automatic and vertical-type chamfering machine, Using Step-less speed variation, the grinding speed can be 30-100 teeth per minute.

Meticulous design after years ' relentless hard working . One professional class chamfering m/c .

Patented CBN grinding wheels each on left and right ,synchronized chamfer.

Humanize vertical sawblade grinding way, you can operate the machine easily .

CBN grinding wheels each om left and right, synchchronized chamfer.

Quick chamfering which can cooperate to 5-6 sels of saw blade sharpening machine.

This is the best machine for grinding company to save labor and reduce the cost.

Use frequency converter to control the speed of grinding.

Therefore, grinding speed can be adjusted with the change of teeth pitch.


Specification Table:

Grinding Range Ø150-650 mm
Teeth Pitch Ma x . 25 mm
Saw Blade Thickness Max . 8 m m
Grinding Speed 30-100 teeth/min.
Grinding Wheel Diameter Ø125 mm
Grinding Wheel ID Ø25 mm
Grinding Wheel Motor 300W
Transmission Motor 0.18 KW
Cooling Motor 0.09 KW
Grinding Wheel Sped (50Hz / 60Hz) 6600 rpm
Power Supply 0.75 KW
Net Weight / Gross Weight 288 /348 kg
Packing Size 88 x 108 x 185 cm

Standard Accessories

Work Light 1pc
Bushing 32/40 mm 1 pc
Tool Box 1 set
Instruction Manual 1 copy
Diamond Grinding Wheel 2 pc

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